Ski holidays in Ötztal. Even in spring.
Sunshine skiing & firn snow. Skiing galore
for true connoisseurs.

When it starts to bloom in the valley and the fields and forests are shining green, you can still go on a ski holiday to Sölden in Ötztal. In the huge Sölden ski area and especially on the two glacier mountains of Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner there are perfect conditions for very outstanding skiing enjoyment until the beginning of May. At this time of the year - when it is still really cold at night, but temperatures are already well above zero during the day - unique snow conditions are scheduled: firn also known as corn snow. After a few tries you will surely improve your skills quickly, and you will soon fall in love with this soft snow that provides such an incomparable skiing experience. In the morning you will find the best firn on the eastern slopes, in the afternoon on the western flanks. Afterwards or in between, you visit the Glacier Arena where you can enjoy Ötztal cuisine and sparkling refreshments in glorious sunshine. We strongly recommend not to forget your sunscreen for your ski vacation in Ötztal - especially in spring.